What is the advantage of the autopay function?


Assumed you have 1.001 to 1.250 referrals as user. The price for each additional referral amounts 0,24 USD. The price for the autopay function amounts 0,0068 USD. If you use the autopay-function for the referral, 0,0068 USD each day would be deducted. The price to retain the rental period amounts 0,204 USD. Thus the amount invested will be 0,0068 USD for 30 days = 0,0204 USD. This is more favorable than the extension for a term of one month which amounts 0,24 USD.


Autopay price vs. purchasing price

Current number of rented Users: 1001

Autopay prize for a referral per day: 0.0068 USD / per day


Autopay prize for a referral for 30 days: USD 0.0068 * 30 days = USD 0.204

Purchasing price = USD 0.24 

Difference: Autopay price vs. purchasing price = USD 0.24 - USD 0.204 = USD 0.036




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