General information about Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange conduces a higher volume of traffic on your website. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the visitors don't need to view your website. A direct success of your advertisement through the invested capital is only possible by PTC Advertising. However it will arise the following advantages:

1. Search engine optimization: More traffic results a better evaluation by the search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo  etc.) This results a higher ranking of your website.

2. A higher Alexa-Ranking: A higher placement means a higher market value of your website because for the visitors this is a symbol for trust and professionalism. Further it guarantees you an advantage over the competition.

3. Increasing number of users: The mentioned points are entailing an increasing number of users and therefore a higher profit through your website.


How it works...

1. Add a website with a corresponding duration of advertising

2. Wait until the administrator has proven your website for the terms of service (TOS) within 48 hours.

3. Buy an incentive package


How many time will be credited to my account  if I watch 1 minute?

Standard -  0.5 minutes

Privilege  -  1 minute


!!! Attention !!!

The placement of your advertisement on your traffic exchange account is possible from a minimum of 100 minutes at the first and 1000 minutes at the second time.



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