What means "Rented Referrals" ?

You can rent other Referrals that click for you. If a rented referral clicks, then you make money with it. The referrals you can buy here. A referral you can rent for 30 days and the cost for a referral amount to $ 0.2 . After the 30 days, you can extend the term of the rented referrals here.



Attention: If you buy Rented Referrals, then you can buy only in 3 days again!


If your rented referrals aren't active, then they will automatically replaced from the system within 4 days. You can also independently manage inactive referrals here  (delete / rental period extend / replace ).

Note that you get offered rented referral that must be active at least last 5 days and click at least 20 ads before we rent him.


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