How do our advertisements look like?

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How do our advertisement videos look like?

Whom can I recommend an advertisement?

  • Regional services supporting super-regional services
  • Transportation, Couriers, Banks
  • Regional shops with Online Shop capabilities
  • Internet services: Finances, Coverage, Tourism, Consultancy, City Halls
  • Marketing companies, Software / internet programs, computer, Bookies, Casinos
  • Advertising like: Get to know our city, Image marks, Supermarkets, chains of restaurants
  • Telecom services, Internet companies
  • Give-job advertisements, Social networks
  • Companies in need of road-traffic analysis: Positioning, Google Analytics, Testing of servers, computer software

Earn on each advertisement bought by your referrals

Recommend the Ojooo advertisement using afiliate links. With every sale effecting from your recommendation you earn 30% of its value.

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